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Finding Peking takeaway on hungryhouse

Peking cuisine, hailing from China’s capital Beijing, is as wide-ranging as Chinese food is throughout the country. Like other northern Chinese cuisines, beef and lamb are mainstays, as are flavours like ginger, garlic, sesame oil, soy sauce, and coriander. The famous Peking roast duck—mmm hoisin sauce, mmm pancakes—is traditionally a dish for special occasions, but this and more are at the tip of your fingers thanks to takeaways all around the UK.

Peking takeaway

The Best Peking Cuisine

If you already know which Peking favourites you’re after, but aren’t sure where to order from, try taking a peek at our Most Loved Takeaways of 2017. For those still pondering what their stomach is after, consider Jiaozi (dumplings), Congee (savoury rice porridge in a range of styles to your tastes), or Zhajiang mien (hand-pulled wheat noodles). And of course, plenty of Chinese classic takeaway dishes (Sweet & Sour chicken, anyone?) are almost always on offer at Peking restaurants.

Peking curry delivery

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