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Finding Portuguese takeaway on hungryhouse

Perfectly charred on the outside, deliciously succulent on the inside, piri-piri chicken is best left to the pros. The perfect blend of spices, starring none other than bird’s eye chili pepper (that’s the “piri piri”!), this Portuguese speciality is garlicky, crispy, and packed with flavour—well spiced, but not burn-your-mouth hot. But that’s not all! Portuguese food includes bacalhau (cod), rice, bifanas (pork sandwiches), pasteis de nata (custard pastry).

The UK loves piri piri & Portuguese, so best of luck choosing among the bounty!  

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The best Portuguese

It doesn’t matter if you’re after Portuguese, piri piri (or peri peri). It’s delicious to the bone, and can be on your plate before you know it. For those of you in Coventry, Peppers Piri Piri will sort your full-blown family meal needs. In Bristol? Check out the aptly named Piri Piri -- customers love their corn on the cob, too. Or more traditional Portuguese cuisine with Galos in Hertford. And if you still can’t decide, scope out our Most Loved takeaways of 2017 for more inspiration...

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