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This week we released the winners of 2016’s Top Takeaways awards. But if you weren’t awarded then don’t worry, as you can read our guide to becoming a Top Takeaway below!

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Of the 10,000 restaurants on hungryhouse, only the top 500 finest takeaways delivering the best food, the most-outstanding customer service, and the greatest overall takeaway experience for the customer are awarded with the title of being a Top Takeaway. But how exactly does a restaurant become a Top Takeaway?

Here is our guide to explaining the specific criteria upon which we award the Top Takeaways on hungryhouse, with top tips included on what restaurants need to do in order to win this award.

After all, the Top Takeaway award is announced on a yearly basis, so there’s plenty of opportunity for restaurant owners to ensure that their restaurant could receive an award in the future!

How we select our Top Takeaways

Each Top Takeaway is selected using an algorithm that calculates an average score for each restaurant on hungryhouse according to their customer return rate, average customer ratings, decline rate, and food hygiene score. This criteria has been created so that the Top Takeaway awards recognise only those restaurants that are consistently achieving excellence in all aspects of their business.

return rate

Customer Return Rate

The percentage of customers that return to a restaurant are a great indication that this takeaway is providing a high quality of service.

The key to a high return rate depends on your ability to welcome new customers with a memorable and satisfying experience. In providing such an experience, you can build loyal relationships with your customers resulting in more orders, positive feedback and a higher customer return rate.

Top Tip: Sign up your restaurant to participate in programmes such as the hungryhouse reward stamp scheme, which provides an incentive for your customers to re-order from your restaurant on a regular basis thereby improving your return rate.

positive reviews

Positive Customer Rating

When a customer leaves a review for a restaurant they are asked to rate your restaurant in three separate categories; Quality of food, Speed (of delivery), and Value for money. The score given to the restaurant in each category is then calculated towards the restaurant’s overall average customer rating, which creates an average score based on all categories within each review.

This average customer rating is then used to help calculate the Top Takeaway score for a restaurant.

All aspects of the customer rating are important for determining whether a restaurant should be considered a Top Takeaway or not as they help to ensure that a restaurant is excellent in all areas of their business. This is because the customer has been asked to not only review their food, but also to give their honest feedback on the quality of service, and whether they feel as if their takeaway meal was generously priced.

Top Tip: Even if it’s impossible to have a quick delivery time on a busy night, if you make up for the customer’s wait with a few free extras, or simply a smile and extra-friendly service from your delivery drivers at their door, this will encourage customers to rate you highly in these ratings areas. A high score in these areas will help to improve your restaurant’s overall average customer rating on hungryhouse.

Low decline rate

Low Decline Rate

For a customer, having their order declined by a restaurant is one of the most unsatisfactory experiences they can have when ordering a takeaway. Therefore declining orders will have a massive impact on your customer return rate, as customers are less likely to re-order with a restaurant which has declined their order in the past!

This is why when we calculate our Top Takeaway scores we weight these scores heavily in favour of restaurants with the lowest decline rates. The lower a restaurant’s decline rate is, the more trust our customers can have in the restaurant’s ability to deliver delicious takeaway to their door without fail.

Top Tip: Laying on extra staff to cope during peak ordering times is essential to ensuring that all of your orders can be delivered. But if you’re starting to receive more orders than your kitchen can handle, call our customer care team to have them temporarily take your restaurant offline until you can clear the backlog in orders. Plus, we have a guide on how to deal with high-order volume which is full of extra tips to help you cope!

good hygiene

Food Hygiene Rating

The quality of food served by a restaurant, along with the overall cleanliness of the restaurant itself, are becoming evermore important factors for customers when they are deciding where to eat.

This has led to an increasing number of customers checking the hygiene rating of restaurants, because it is with these ratings that customers are able to determine whether a restaurant can be trusted to serve up delicious, professionally-prepared takeaway of a high standard.

When we calculate the Top Takeaway score for a restaurant on hungryhouse, we only calculate the scores of restaurants that have a Food Hygiene Rating of 3 or above. This means that if a restaurant has a rating below 3 then they cannot be eligible for a Top Takeaway award.

We decided to restrict our Top Takeaway listings to only those restaurants that have a minimum Food Hygiene Rating of 3, because this is the minimum rating that the Food Standards Agency believe customers associate a top-quality, hygienic restaurant to have. By restricting the Top Takeaway scores in this way, we ensure that hungryhouse customers can trust the quality of the restaurants we designate as being Top Takeaways.

Top Tip: Cleanliness and standard of food are only two aspects of a Food Hygiene Rating. Often, the submission of the right documents to your local authority is the only thing preventing a top-quality restaurant from achieving a high Food Hygiene Rating.

Do you have what it takes?

These are the core areas upon which a restaurant’s Top Takeaway score is judged, and as only the top 500 scoring restaurants are awarded as being Top Takeaways, our customers are convinced that these top 500 takeaways are really some of the finest takeaways in the UK.

Being a Top Takeaway involves hard work and a commitment to high-standards in all areas of your business, but once you’ve made it to being a Top Takeaway then you can enjoy all of the privileges that being a Top Takeaway brings.

This includes; a unique Top Takeaway badge for your restaurant on hungryhouse highlighting your achievement to our customers, a framed award for you to hang up in your restaurant, Top Takeaway promotional materials such as window stickers for your restaurant, and for our ‘top’ Top Takeaways we even produce a swanky video telling the story of your restaurant!

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