How To Win In Winter

September 29, 2017 | by | ,

Looking to make the most of the winter season and give your business a boost?

Christmas takeaway

There’s no better time than now to maximise your orders and revenue. Read on for our simple ways to keep your customers returning.

Never decline an order

Submitting an order through hungryhouse and then having the restaurant decline it must be up there with one of the most disappointing takeaway experiences. Not only is the customer really unhappy but they are almost definitely not going to attempt an order with your restaurant again.

To avoid having to decline orders;

1. Ensure opening times and delivery zones are correct

2. Check your online menu is up to date

3. Take yourself to ‘temp offline’ if you need to catch up in the kitchen.

Use the ON ITS WAY button on all orders

By far the BEST and SIMPLEST way to impress customers is to update them on the progress of their order. As soon as an order is ready and is handed to the driver, press ON ITS WAY on your TabLink device and a free SMS is sent to your customer to let them know their food is on its way! You’ll receive 50% less “where’s my food” calls meaning your phones are free to take more orders! If you haven’t got a TabLink yet click here to find out more.

Avoid late order complaints

The ON ITS WAY button will also help you avoid late order complaints too. hungryhouse keeps a record of late order complaints we receive and repeat offenders will see their quality score impacted, in turn affecting their placing on the search listing. Make sure your orders are on time and you’re much more likely to see your restaurant placed at the top of the search page!

Give customers an accurate but GREAT delivery time

Although it’s great to be able to accept an order and push that ‘30 minutes’ button, if you’re unlikely to be able deliver in half an hour then it’s best to a more accurate time than to disappoint the customer. On the other hand, don’t go giving yourself 2 hours to deliver either. Customers are very likely to cancel if they think you can’t deliver in under 90 minutes (MAX!). The sweet spot is 45 minutes.

Respond to your online reviews

Ever since the boom in online shopping, more and more customers are relying on reviews to help them decide where they should spend their money. It’s really important to show you care about customer feedback. Even if you disagree with a customer’s complaint, leave a comment to say “sorry” and “please get in touch direct” and other customers will have their confidence restored. Oh and don’t forget to say thanks to the good ones too! For more on why you should respond to reviews, click here.

Participate in the Taste Test programme!

The Taste Test programme allows customers to try out a new restaurant and get 20% off their first order. For very little money, you’ll attract tons of new customers each week that are searching ‘Taste Test’ on the hungryhouse platform. We even have a dedicated page to highlight the restaurants offering it! Take a look! Another great way to stand out from the rest!

If you’re already doing all of these then make sure you also know about our Top Performer’s Programme. Compete with other restaurants in your area to be in with a chance to win a daily boost on the hungryhouse search listings (plus freebies)!


Ben Bradley
Sales Officer at hungryhouse