Announcement: hungryhouse joins forces with Just Eat

March 21, 2018 | by | ,

You may have heard the news already but if not here goes; we’re joining the Just Eat family. This is exciting news and represents a huge opportunity for us to reach millions more hungry customers, together.

For now, hungryhouse is operating as normal and our team will be here to support the transition and help with whatever you need! We know you’ll have questions, so for the answers you need please check out our Frequently Asked Questions below.  


I have a business on Just Eat and hungryhouse, can I get a refund on my hungryhouse account?

hungryhouse is currently operating as normal, and as such, we will not be refunding accounts.

Will I be able to keep my current commission rate that I have on hungryhouse if you merge?

At the moment, hungryhouse is operating as normal. However, if you’re interested in joining Just Eat, click to register your interest at or call 0203 370 9922.

Why would I want to sign up with Just Eat?

Just Eat has a huge customer base and we know that your customers are at the heart of your business, so we want to make sure that you’re everywhere that they are.

Just Eat will be contacting and discussing commercial terms with restaurants on an individual basis, please keep an eye on your emails in the next few weeks.

What does this acquisition mean for me as  a Just Eat restaurant partner?

There will be no changes to you as a Just Eat restaurant partner, however, for restaurants that were only on hungryhouse they will now have the opportunity to join Just Eat and receive trade discounts and a range of restaurant services as standard.

Want to speak with someone from Just Eat? Click to register your interest at or call us at 0203 370 9922.

What will happen to hungryhouse in the future?

hungryhouse is currently operating as normal, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. However, signing up to Just Eat is now the recommended course of action for our restaurant partners. Get in touch with Just Eat at or call us at 0203 370 9922.

Will my hungryhouse machine stop working?

No, business will continue as usual for us.

What are the key benefits are of joining Just Eat and how much it is to join?

#lovetakeaway = love Just Eat. When you join Just Eat you’ll benefit from trade discounts on food wholesale to utilities, card payments and other incredible offers as standard. Want to speak with someone? Get in touch with Just Eat at or call us at 0203 370 9922.

Who do I now contact if I have an issue with hungryhouse orders, devices, my account, or anything else?

We’ll be operating as usual, please continue to contact our Customer Care team on 020 3870 2371 if you have any questions.

What will happen to my hungryhouse Premium Placement contract?

It will continue as normal, there is no impact to your hungryhouse Premium Placement agreement.

I pay a lower commission rate with hungryhouse than I do with Just Eat.  Does this mean one of them will be raised/lowered so they are both the same?

No, the terms agreed as part of your separate Restaurant Agreements will continue to be applicable.

I have the hungryhouse sign and branding in my windows/outside my restaurant.  Should I do anything or contact anyone about this?

Leave it as it is, we’ll let you know if we have any plans to update the branding.

Can I become a Just Eat Local Legend?

Assuming you meet the requirements, you may be eligible to become a Just Eat Local Legend. Please check out the Just Eat Partner Blog to find out more.

Will I have access to the restaurants services you offer Just Eat restaurants?

Yes, if you join Just Eat, you will have access to all of their restaurant services.

If I sign up to Just Eat, will I have access to Top Placement?

Just Eat will be discussing commercial terms with restaurants individually, and will let you know what’s available during the signup process.

Questions about Service Charge

What is hungryhouse doing about its card surcharge fee?

As of 1 February, hungryhouse has implemented a 50p service charge for customers, which will be applied to all orders. This will ensure that hungryhouse can continue to deliver the best takeaway experience for customers and applying the charge equally across the customer base ensures fairness for all.

Haven’t you only done this because Just Eat has forced you to? Now Just Eat has an unfair/monopoly position and can apply spurious charges for restaurants and customers – I wouldn’t say that was fairness for all?

We were already reviewing the way in which we charge for the services we provide to restaurants and how they subsequently charge customers. Now hungryhouse is part of Just Eat, both companies’ approaches to this are aligned.

Sam Andrus