The New Partner Portal – some more highlights!

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The Partner portal is designed with your needs in mind. If you want to get the best out of hungryhouse, it is important to familiarise yourself with all the new features.

Following on from our last article about the main Partner Portal features – here’s some more that you should be getting to know.

The Daily Boost:

If you scroll down on the main dashboard of your partner portal, you’ll find a section that looks like this:

The Daily Boost highlights you! If you are a top performer and you follow these six steps, you are qualified to be boosted up on the hungryhouse website!

For 14 consecutive days you have:

– Above 3.5 star rating

– No declined orders

– No cancelled orders

– No late orders

– “On it’s way” button used on at least 50% of all your orders

– At least 75% of orders are delivered in under 45 minutes

For more information on the Daily Boost, click here!

Last Settlement:

Another important section on your main partner portal dashboard is the “Last Settlement” tab. Located just below the Daily Boost tab, look out for this: We all know money matters the most. That’s why we let you know how much money was settled into your bank account even before the invoice is generated.

Main navigation

The main navigation menu on the Partner Portal located in the top, left hand corner. Tap on the three white lines and it will look like this:

Click here for the menu and you’ll have the option of going to all these new sections:

If you have any questions regarding the new Partner Portal and its different functions then don’t hesitate to call our team on 020 3870 2371 and ask to speak to your Account Manager.



Sam Andrus