The NEW hungryhouse Partner Portal Is Here

November 15, 2017 | by | ,
We are excited to announce that the brand new Partner Portal has launched and it’s already having a massive impact on our partner’s businesses. What’s been improved? The answer to that is quite simply LOTS!

So much has changed but here are our favourite bits!

HOMEPAGE OVERVIEWThe new home is at the centre of the new Partner Portal. Designed with your needs in mind, it has all of the most important settings you need in order to run your business. There’ll be no need to scroll through numerous tabs and pages – all the most useful stuff is right here.

The homepage allows you to:

– Check your current status and take your restaurant offline or online with one tap

– View a daily summary of all your orders broken down by card and cash

– Go to more details reports (explained in more detail below)

– View recent orders

– See when the last hungryhouse settlement was

– View invoices

– Check your customer rating

– Go to the Restaurant Insider blog

– Go to our Online Shop


Jump to the Orders section and you’ll find all details about orders received on that current day. Use this function to double check an order, confirm cash amount in your till or confirm the house number for your driver. Plus now, you can also check the details of any order placed in the past. Received a complaint about an order placed a week ago? Pull up all the details you need and solve the customer complaint much more quickly!

REPORTINGOne of the highlights of the new Partner Portal is definitely the new reports section. Now you can easily get a complete overview of how your business is doing on hungryhouse.

What can I see?

– The first overview you will find is the Weekly Sales. See in an instant which days of the week are your busiest and also what the card vs cash breakdown is.

– The second view is Orders by Month. You might expect your busiest months are throughout winter but now you’ll see a real pattern of exactly how many orders you’re getting by month.

– Another great breakdown is the Order by Postcode. You’ll be able to see straight away which postcode you’re getting most of your orders from and maybe decide from there if you’d like to invest in Premium Placement in certain areas!

– Lastly we’ll show you the amount of declines that happened in one week and the most common Decline Reasons. If you notice a pattern emerge, for example, most declines are due to ‘No Driver’ maybe it’s worth your while to higher an extra at peak times!

CONTACTING USChecking through your reports and have a question for us? Now it’s easier than ever to get in touch. Live chat with one of our agents with a click of a button or if you’re accessing via your mobile then you can call us directly from within the Partner Portal. Good old email is also an option!

Trust us – this is only a small snippet of what our new Partner Portal can offer. Check it out for yourself!



Sam Andrus