Your Customer Review Rating Explained

You customer review rating is what all customers see before ordering with you - better understanding on how your star rating is calculated, and how to improve it, is vital for success
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your customer reivew rating explained
This is part three of a three-part guide to understanding your rankings on hungryhouse. Read about understanding your decline rate, and quality score for more of hungryhouse explained.

This rating is the public face of your business on hungryhouse, so knowing exactly which factors constitute your rating is vital for increasing the success of your restaurant.

How is my Customer Review Rating calculated?

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Once a customer has ordered from you we send an email asking them to review your restaurant. They give your meal a rating based on:

· Quality of the food

· Speed of delivery

· Value for money

We aggregate all of your customers reviews and give an average overall Review Rating for your restaurant. This average Review Rating is what is displayed next to your restaurant’s name on the hungryhouse platform.

The importance of Customer Review Ratings to your business

Your restaurant’s Customer Review Rating is the the public face of your business. Unlike your quality score and decline rate, your Review Rating is prominently displayed across the hungryhouse platform.

Many customers often decide where to order from based on the strength of your restaurant’s review rating. They will spend a great deal of time reading the individual reviews left by former diners before deciding whether to order from your restaurant.

Keeping all three criteria of your review rating high is vital to attracting the highest number of hungryhouse customers to take the plunge and order from your menu.

How to improve your Quality of Food Rating


· Pay attention to any special requests.

Customers often go to extra lengths to specialise their individual needs within the order comment box, and you should follow these instructions closely. For instance, does a particular customer like their crispy duck extra crispy? Make every effort to tailor the customer’s order to their individual needs and preferences, and they will repay you with a higher food quality star rating.

· Manage your kitchen workflow effectively.

Running a smooth kitchen operation enables you to ensure that orders are prepared as close to the time of delivery as possible. This will help keep your food fresh upon delivery.

· Vary your menu.

Are vegetarians catered for with your menu? Are you introducing new meals on a semi-regular basis to freshen things up a bit? By maintaining a varied menu you are making sure that there are enough quality dishes available in order to satisfy the largest number of customers possible.

How to improve your Speed of Delivery Rating


· Plan ahead for busy periods

Weekends and bank holidays are the busiest times for restaurants, so making sure that you have enough staff to cover the increase in orders is essential in ensuring that none of your customers experience any delays with their food.

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· Communicate with the customer

If for any reason the food is going to be delivered outside of the estimated delivery time window, make sure to call the customer and let them know of the changes. This mean that there are no surprises if you turn up early, or disappointments if you are a little later than planned.

· When busy, reduce your delivery zones or take yourself offline temporarily

If you’re struggling to process a high volume of orders then this will likely lead to delays in delivery. To avoid this, temporarily reduce your delivery area during the evening through the hungryhouse Partner Portal, or even take your restaurant offline briefly. Doing so allows you to concentrate on getting your current orders out as quickly as possible.

How to improve your Value for Money Rating


· Give freebies

Everyone loves freebies! If a customer places a large order, chuck in some cheeky extras so their money goes further. These extras make customers feel loved thereby increasing the likelihood of a re-order too.

· Money-saving set meals

While some customers love to individualise their food, others are just looking for straight-up hearty food that will hit the spot (and not their wallets!). Therefore creating a wide range of set meals not only take the pain out of deciding what to choose, but also act as a good value for money option for customers, further incentives customers to leave good reviews.

· Offer a loyalty programme

The hungryhouse Reward Stamps scheme is designed to increase and incentivise reorders by giving loyal customers a discount off every 6th order from you. If you sign up your restaurant to this scheme then your most loyal customers will enjoy the double reward of great-tasting food and discounts off their meals.

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Always remember, customer service is the key to a great review rating

Focussing on these specific areas is vital for increasing your restaurant’s average customer review rating, but don’t forget that many essential components of a fantastic customer service can’t always be quantified with a star rating. Sometimes even the smallest things such as the friendliness of your delivery drivers can have a huge impact on how the customer views your restaurant, which is essential for securing those valuable re-orders! So if you want to know more about how you can deliver top-notch customer service then you can read our guide here.

Ben Bradley
Sales Officer at hungryhouse