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Build a loyal customer base and increase your monthly orders with hungryhouse Reward Stamps
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Rewards Stamps for you Restaurant

One of our most popular schemes for incentivising customers to re-order from specific restaurants is the hungryhouse Reward Stamps scheme. The scheme gives every customer a special stamp for each order they place with a participating restaurant between Monday & Thursday.

Once a customer has accumulated 5 stamps the restaurant agrees to reward the customer with a generous 50% discount off their next order from that same takeaway.

hungryhouse Reward Stamps are a key way to encourage reorders and build a loyal customer base to help grow your business. While hungryhouse Taste Tests are the perfect way to attract new customers to your restaurant, how do you get those first-time customers to become loyal fans of your restaurants? In a growing market with a lot of competition, you can help ensure that first-time customers become loyal fans of your restaurants with Reward Stamps.

What do Reward Stamps bring to your business?

  • A sustained, large increase in orders. – The 50% discount applies to every sixth order made by the customer, ensuring that they’ll be re-ordering from you time and time again.
  • A better spread of your orders throughout the week.
  • Catch the attention of new customers and stand out on hungryhouse with your own reward stamps logo placed next to your restaurant listing. Plus, with a dedicated filter on hungryhouse that showcases restaurants that offer promotional discounts such as reward stamps, you will gain additional exposure.

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By participating in Reward stamps, you will increase your return rate. Your return rate is a vital factor in improving your hungryhouse search rankings and places you higher up our list of takeaways.

Plus returning customers are more likely to leave reviews for your restaurant, so if you provide consistently high service to this new loyal fan base then your restaurant will benefit from an increased customer rating score on hungryhouse. This will in turn lead to more orders!

And finally, what restaurant wouldn’t want a bit of added exposure? Improve your chances of being awarded a hungryhouse Top Takeaway with Reward Stamps. Return rate is a crucial factor in becoming a Top Takeaway.

The key to success: Keeping your customers happy

While the thought of a 50% discount off their every sixth order might be incentive enough for some, you will still need to give your customers more than just a discount in order to ensure that they keep coming back to you.

Fast delivery times, great customer service, and even throwing in some extras into their orders such as extra poppadoms and drinks, are essential to turning these first-time customers attracted to your restaurant by the Reward Stamps programme into long-term fans of your business. If you’re looking for more tips on how best to gain loyal customers then check out this post.

Rewards Stamps are the perfect incentive for curious new customers to be rewarded for trying out new takeaways in their area, especially as hungryhouse customers are always on the look out for great-tasting food and for great deals on the platform.

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See the full terms and conditions for the Reward Stamps programme. Order increase will vary depending on your current levels of service, order numbers and location. hungryhouse are unfortunately unable to guarantee an increase of orders as a result of participation in the Reward Stamps programme.

Alexandra Abdulova
Marketing Officer at hungryhouse