Social Media Tips for your Restaurant

Using social media to market your restaurant allows you to take control of your online marketing efforts, to share your passion for food with pictures and videos of your restaurant in action, and to actively engage with both loyal customers and potential new customers.
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Any modern business needs to utilise a number of different marketing channels in order to ensure that they are reaching the widest audience possible, and this applies to restaurants just as much as any other business.

To get the right social media formula for your business, check out these for a successful social media strategy for restaurants.

Pictures tell a thousand words

Social media is driven by image, as eye-catching photos and videos are shared much more on Facebook and Twitter than plain text statuses or tweets are. You should therefore try to tell the story of your business through professional photos of your kitchen in action, of diners enjoying your food, or of your friendly staff.

Certain social media channels such as Instagram are rapidly becoming the to go-to social network for customers to find and share images of food. Take advantage of this by setting up an official Instagram account for your restaurant where you can share gorgeous images of delicious food with ease. Just remember to hashtag your images with relevant words that best describe your business and food, so that people interested in the relevant dishes or cuisine will stumble across your business!

Remember: Don’t be put off if one of your images doesn’t receive a great deal of attention. You can always test which hashtags work best and what type of content your followers really engage with.

Offer exclusive social media-only deals

Attracting customers to follow you on social media is one thing, but keeping them is where the difficulty comes in.

You should be incentivizing a follower of your business on social media to stay following you by regularly offering them unique discounts that only THEY can access. Lots of your fans will want to experience the benefit of connecting with you on social by having access to all of your latest news and deals. And with the average Facebook user checking their newsfeed up to 14 times a day, you have plenty of opportunities to catch their attention and get them engaging with what you have to offer.

Remember: Make sure not to spam social media with discount after discount. Sometimes a well-timed discount on a Friday afternoon (when people are starting to plan their dinner) will work much more effectively than a barrage of discounts on a daily basis that might cause your followers to stop following you completely.

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Be reactive and engage directly

Social media provides a soapbox for people to air their views on all aspects of their lives, and you need to be aware that customers are likely to talk about their eating experiences on social too. If they talk about your restaurant on one of your social media accounts then you need to pro-actively address their comments.

Positive comments from customers need to be acknowledged and thanked, whilst negative feedback must be addressed immediately. Your response to negative feedback must be swift, professional, and public. Do not hide negative comments, engage with them head-on and make sure that other customers on social media can see your response. This will re-enforce the perception amongst customers that you care about their business with you, whilst their ability to see you deal with complaints successfully will only enhance their opinion of your restaurant.

Remember: Make sure to have a sense of humour on social media when reacting to comments and questions!

Know your limits

There are a dizzying number of social media platforms to choose from, and it would take a superhuman effort to engage with all of your customers successfully on all platforms. That’s why if you want to taste some social media success then focus your efforts on a small number of platforms – we would recommend Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Make sure to perfect the art of engagement and sharing on these first, before thinking of spreading your wings to other platforms.

Remember: An easy way to boost your number of followers would be to include your Twitter or Instagram handle, along with your Facebook page name, on your paper menus.

Give your restaurant a face

Finding the right tone on social media can be tricky, but it’s important to give an open and friendly perception of your restaurant to customers. For instance, uploading a video of your Chef hard at work in the kitchen is a great way to give a face to your food that customers can get to know. Plus, you never know, but introducing your friendly delivery drivers via a series of photos and posts on social media might just make your customers look forward to the sound of that doorbell even more!

Remember: Lastly, have fun with your social accounts. Let your customers know exactly why they should be ordering with you time and time again.

Alexandra Abdulova
Marketing Officer at hungryhouse