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Find your favourite Soup takeaway at hungryhouse for home delivery

Missing Mum’s minestrone back home in Manchester? Gutted without your Glaswegian grandpa’s goulash? There’s nothing quite like a big, warm bowl of satisfying soup to set things right. Well, fear not, because soup’s up – and it’s hot! Whether you’re hankering for a Thai hot & sour starter, or an Irish stew supper, the 10,000+ takeaways on hungryhouse have loads of options for every mood. It’s a great plan for all kinds of dietary restrictions, with vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free choices for everyone.

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So many soups, so little time! As always, you can narrow down the bounty of broths by selecting from the cuisine types on offer in your area, or by punching “soup” into the search box. But we’ve got a few favourites on our mind to whet your appetite…look no further than our 2017 Most Loved, like London's Thai Metro for a bold Tom Yum soup with lemongrass, lime, and ginger. Or mix things up and find out what today’s zuppa of the day is at Pesantissimo London. Fingers crossed for a hearty chicken noodle…
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Today’s busy Brits don’t often have time to spend standing over the stove, watching the clock, while dinner simmers away. But that doesn’t mean you should miss out on one of life’s great creature comforts! Fast takeaway to your door, piping hot and ready for a cozy night in. Secure payment, trustworthy reviews, and a seamless app make ordering a breeze. As the saying goes: a watched pot never boils, so sit back and let us do the watching for you!