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Southampton FC’s superstar footballer Le Tiss is retired now, but don’t worry because there's a new all-star team in town...Southampton has a lineup of restaurants as strong as the Brazil ‘70 World Cup winning squad, although we can’t decide which takeaway is Pelé, they’re all that good! They don’t score thirty-yard screamers, but our takeaways will stop your belly growling with style. Whether it’s a family night with gloriously cheesy pizza and all the toppings, healthy lunchtime sushi, a late-night kebab dripping in cooling mint sauce, or you and your SO (we crack ourselves up) are craving something a bit spicier...we’ve got your winners. Get started by perusing Southampton's Most Loved takeaways of 2017!

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Put that good ol’ SO postcode to work and your pizza, Chinese, or Indian (and more) will be with you before you know it. No need to move a muscle, let alone leave the house. Pick your restaurant, add your items, and pay securely by Paypal, Apple Pay, Android Pay or AMEX, to name a few, whether you’re using the website or the app. With food this good, who’s a Scummer now??

Find the best takeaway in Southampton

Bitz and Pizzaz has got to be one of the best-named takeaways we’ve come across in our many years in the biz. Luckily, their food has the same pizzaz: order up your favourite pizza and dreamy cheesy garlic bread, with the sides of your choice. You’re in for a treat. Have you tried Istanbul Grill in Shirley yet? Their menu won’t leave you hungry, with enough choice to satisfy everyone’s cravings: burgers, crispy battered fish & chips, and every imaginable savoury doner kebab meal. Looking for the spicier side of life? Well, there’s help at hand with Grameen Spice’s tikka specialities (sizzling lamb phall, or chicken?) and endless vegetarian options.