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Fast, easy & free takeaway delivery in Stevenage

If it’s takeaways in Stevenage you’re after, you’re in the right place. The whole area, whether you live near Knebworth, Graveley, or Hall’s Green, is chock-a-block with tasty takeaways. Maybe you’ve already got a favourite restaurant that you order from regularly. No problem -- find them on the site, order away, and we’ll take care of the rest. But, should you fancy something new, we have some suggestions. Juicy tikka masala or tender lamb pasanda drizzled in taste bud-pleasing sauce; fresh and healthy lunchtime sushi; late-night savoury kebab, dripping with cooling mint sauce... No matter which way you go, ordering only takes a few clicks.

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Put that good ol’ SG postcode to work and your pizza, Chinese, or Indian (and more) will be with you before you know it. No need to move a muscle, let alone leave the house. Pick your restaurant, add your items, and pay securely by Paypal, Apple Pay, Android Pay or AMEX, to name a few, whether you’re using the website or the app. Simple, delicious -- simply delicious.

Find the best takeaway in Stevenage

After that family-sized cheesy ‘zza fresh out the oven? Farmhouse Pizza is the place if you fancy Italian spaghetti bolognese, vegetarian lasagne, and of course pizza pie covered in glorious melted cheese, tomato, and the toppings of your choice. If you’re after something with more spice, Taste of India are at the ready. Reviewers write glowingly of their prompt delivery, generous portions, and of course, deliciously decadent dishes. And that’s not all: after some perfectly cooked home-style chicken? Xavier's Peri Peri has the scrumptious peri peri and charcoal chicken you need. Their filling paninis and wraps, southern fried chicken, and omelettes (mmm...prawn omelette…) will sort your hunger for certain.