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We reckon that you already know what the best takeaway in Teesside is, don't you? If so, you just have to decide what meal your heart (and stomach) desires. Is it...chicken parmo? OK, we’re not mindreaders, which is why we’ve collected Teesside’s favourite takeaways you could wish for, all under one big virtual roof. From the cheesiest pizza in the area, topped with the finest cuts of chicken, succulent mushroom or crunchy peppers and onion, to kebabs drizzled in tangy chutney and chilled yoghurt – we’ve got your back. You’ll have your tea by your side in no time. (Heh!)

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Put that good ol’ TS postcode to work and your pizza, Chinese, or Indian (and more) will be with you before you know it. No need to move a muscle, let alone leave the house. Pick your restaurant, add your items, and pay securely by Paypal, Apple Pay, Android Pay or AMEX, to name a few, whether you’re using the website or the app. Teesty.

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When it’s time to eat, there’s only one thing to do: order from Time To Eat. Open from 7 am, they’re the earliest birds in town and are on hand to rustle up delicious breakfasts for you or the entire office…40 bacon and sausage butties? No problemo. Did you know Burger King now do delivery? It’s one of the greatest developments of the 21st Century. If we can land a man on the Moon, you can get a Whopper delivered to your door! And of course, Kebabish Grill and Bar has that chicken parmo you had on your mind, not to mention balti and biryani specialities if you’re after something higher the Scoville scale.