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Fast, easy & free takeaway delivery in Wakefield

It’s fair to say that if Yorkshire were a country all by itself, it’d finish high in the Meals tables each time the Olympic Games swung around. Just think, an Olympics Games for takeaway...Well, unfortunately there isn’t, but food fantasies can still come true. The Wakefield takeaways we’ve got here would probably mean that Yorkshire would get all the gold medals! Forget 100m sprints for now, though, because you don’t even need to move a muscle to get delicious meals delivered straight to your door – from succulent fried chicken dripping in barbeque sauce to spicy madras drizzled in creamy yoghurt, whatever you order, you’ll be going for gold. Ready, set, go!

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Put that good ol’ WF postcode to work and your pizza, Chinese, or Indian (and more) will be with you before you know it. No need to move a muscle, let alone leave the house. Pick your restaurant, add your items, and pay securely by Paypal, Apple Pay, Android Pay or AMEX, to name a few, whether you’re using the website or the app. Time to start nomming.

Find the best takeaway in Wakefield

Hold on!? Burger King delivers now? Wait a second, when did that happen? We won’t wake(field) you from this glorious dream because a Whopper, Bacon Double Cheeseburger and a Family Bundle (if you’ve got little ones to feed) can be delivered straight to your door. In just a few clicks...Not feeling a burger tonight? (It’s OK, we won’t tell anyone.) No worries, Hai Loi Tang has a menu to die for and a seemingly endless list of Chinese specialities. Check out the Chef’s Specials; their deep fried crispy shredded chicken is out of this world. So...many...sauces. Always good to keep your sauceptions open.