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Celebrity Dip Recipes

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Thursday February 23, 2012 by hungryhouse
Celebrity Dip Recipes

There ain't no party like a hungryhouse party, 'cause the hungryhouse party has dips! We're not talking about ordinary dips either. For our 6th birthday party, we're referring to dips from the likes of Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay. We're hoping to turn our office into a maze of sauces. A dip-topia, if you will.

From guacamole, to minted pea and yoghurt dip, hungryhouse brings you the best party dips to help us celebrate. In a-dip-tion to these recipes, we're giving away £200 in hungryhouse credit to one lucky customer. It's our way of saying thank you for letting us feed you for 6 years and counting.

Jamie Oliver - Minted pea and yoghurt dip

This naked chef knows a thing or two about cooking. We turn to him for a classy dip that is sure to please your veggie craving.

Paula Deen - American ranch

If you haven't ventured into the world of American dips, you and your chips are in for a treat. Ranch is a versatile dip that we highly recommend with your next munchie box.

Nigella Lawson - Red kidney bean dip

Toss your beans on toast recipe out the window and prepare for the ultimate bean dip. Don't let fancy kitchen ware threaten you. Replace the food processor with a fork, muscles, and 15 minutes of your life.

Delia Smith - Guacamole

Nothing beats a bowl of fresh made guacamole. This recipe from Delia Smith is sure to be a crowd pleaser. It's simply a matter of finding fresh ingredients that won't break the bank.

Gordon Ramsay - BBQ sauce

To really get the feel for a Gordon Ramsay recipe, he needs to shout it at you. In this YouTube clip he tones it down a bit, but the "I'm-terrified-of-you-please-don't-yell-at-me" vibe is still present.

Do you have a dip recipe to recommend? Share it with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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