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Discover More with the hh Food Glossary

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Sunday July 18, 2010 by hungryhouse
Discover More with the hh Food Glossary

Let's face it, when looking at a restaurant menu it's not always easy to imagine what the dishes are like. While occasionally blind ordering can be a fun game (albeit a risky one), in general it's far better to have an idea what you're going to get before you actually order it. This is where the hungryhouse food glossary comes in.

When browsing restaurant menus on, you'll often see a small “i” logo next to specific items. If you click on this logo, a pop-up food glossary entry will appear. It provides generic information about dishes or ingredients to help you choose the right dish for you.

We don't have glossary entries about everything yet but we're constantly expanding it to make it even easier to get exactly what you want.

So why not try something new tonight? Let the hungryhouse food glossary help you discover something exciting to love!

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